Friday, January 13, 2012

Law of Creation: The Vibrationary Nature of the Universe

Although it may not be detectable to your senses at the macro scale of your body, EVERYTHING vibrates in the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.  All matter, all energy that makes up the earth and the cosmos vibrates.  All light, visible or otherwise, is an effect of vibrations within the energy of the objects (ie matter) that make up the universe.

Even heat is an effect of vibrational energy - with higher temperatures comes a higher frequency of molecular (atomic) vibration. Should it heat up (ie increase in vibration) enough, all matter will vaporize and become the pure energy that this universe was prior to the "Big Bang."  Which brings up another point, everything is energy; and it's for this very reason that everything vibrates, as the state of vibration within that energy is what determines the role that any particular energy will play within the confines of the universe.

In fact, every effect in the universe, every aspect of what the universe has become, is the result of this vibratory nature of energy.  In other words, vibration is the cause of ALL effects in the universe, with no exceptions!  It is the true creative force of the universe.

Of course, this must still hold true at the more micro scale of planet earth, and even the scale of your own individual experience of life.  Remember, I said everything vibrates in the physical universe, so it must also remain true for even your thoughts.  And so your thoughts too are a creative force.

We are the masters of creative force on planet earth for we have developed complex minds that allow for original, creative, thoughts; therefore, we have the ability to control the vibrations originating from our minds and thus controlling what we create out of those vibrations.

All living creatures share in this creative force.  Even a Buffalo has creative power over its local environment, but its mind is far more basic than ours so it has less influence over its own conditions than we do.  Most of its thoughts are instinctively driven, based on things like looking out for predators, food and shelter to ensure its own survival and seeking mating partners to promote the continued survival of its species.  You could say that a Buffalo has the life that we observe them to have based on the limits that their more instinct based brains places on them combined with the accumulative effect of "ambient vibrations."  Obviously, things like climate and amount of available food or number of predators present in a Buffalo's habitat will have an effect on their choices and, therefore, how they will be observed to "behave."

In fact, because our thoughts are so much more "powerful" from a creative perspective than that of a Buffalo, or any other animal for that matter, even our expectations of how they behave has a noticeable effect on them.  That's precisely why certain people are able to peacefully co-exist among animals that most people consider dangerous.

It's not that most people aren't capable of training a lion, rather most people aren't in the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND to train them.  That is, we expect them to behave like we were educated to believe how a lion behaves, and so they behave "like a lion."  It's precisely because a lion tamer expects to tame the lion, that it happens.  The lion feels the effect of the tamer's "vibes" and it changes it at the conscious level.  The lion no longer perceives the person as a threat or a source of food. 

That's not to say that the lion tamer completely overcomes the lion's will, but that he has a strong influence on it.  There's an overlap of consciousness, if you will, where the trainer's vibratory (thought) field mixes with that of the lion's.  Since humans have a far greater ability to focus their energy (thoughts), due to their more complex minds, the human has the upper hand in controlling the consequences of this overlap in vibratory fields of thought.  In other words, the lion feels the calm demeanor of the lion tamer and becomes calm itself as the stronger creative force saturates its own.  Should the tamer not be confident in his abilities it'll directly affect the strength of this energy field, and so the lion's own (instinct based) thoughts will likely win when their two fields merge.

You might argue that it's the actions of the person, not the thoughts, that cause the lion to behave differently towards some compared to others.  Obviously, a person who tries to spear a lion is more likely to be perceived as threatening to it than a person who curls up into the fetal position.  But every action is the result of a preceding thought, which is a vibration.  So it can be said that every action is the result of the effect that the vibration of thought has on the physical body.  The mind sets everything in motion, so to speak.

The vibrations of human thought even have a noticeable effect on other humans.  I'm sure you've experienced being in the company of someone with a "magnetic," charming, and/or charismatic personality.  Someone who can wipe the frown off of a complete stranger's face with a simple "hello," when most other people wouldn't have nearly the same effect.  Would you agree that they seem to have a certain energy, vibe, or perhaps even "aura" about them?  Well they do, it's the effect of the vibrations that they are emitting through their thoughts.  It may only be perceived by you at the conscious level of being the result of their authentic fun-loving and caring attitude, or their uncanny ability to deliver words to you in such a way as to raise your spirit, but there's much more happening at the unconscious level.

Detecting their vibrations literally changes your conditions.  Upon entering their energy field, you're experiencing their mental state.  Their feelings and emotions are overlapping into yours, and because they likely possess more confidence in themselves than you do in yours, their field overcomes yours.  So your sadness likely won't bring them down, but their happiness, in all likelihood, will cheer you up.  It may be that the impact of their personality is so great that they beneficially alter your life, or perhaps the lives of many,  for good.  Mother Teresa comes to mind as a perfect example of such a person, as does Muhammad Ali, Jim Carey, Martin Luther King Jr., Dali Lama, and Hitler (just to give it a little balance).

You might see this as a random list of charismatic people with their own unique agendas, which is true, but that charisma is a direct effect of how they chose/ choose to utilize the power of their thoughts.  All those people have far reaching effects on the lives of many, even people who never knew them personally.  In a sense, they created much of the conditions that you must contend with in your  life today.  That's not to say that you can't create new conditions for yourself or take control over your life, not at all, but you can't get around the fact that other people can influence your circumstances, especially highly charismatic personalities like I mentioned earlier.

The effect of one's vibrations (ie energy field) isn't isolated to humans over other humans and animals, but to any form of life over ALL MATTER.  With life - more specifically, with consciousness - comes the power to change surrounding conditions through the creative power of thought.  So you can control much, if not most, of the conditions in your life through your thoughts.  The key to its power in your life comes simply by believing in such a power and your ability to use it.  Much like with any skill, it's with growing confidence that the best results are achieved.  The more confidence you develop in this ability the more power you can exert and the more influential your creative power can become.

There is a group of people out there who refer to what I have described as the "Law of Attraction."  Those who advocate it contend that you attract things to you based on whatever happens to be the dominating frequency that you vibrate at.  So if you're mostly a loving person, you emit a "loving vibration," attracting all those things that resonate or are in tune with that frequency to yourself.  And so the loving person creates a loving world for himself through his love-based thoughts. While this is a mostly accurate depiction of how our thoughts operate to create our conditions, it misses on one important point.  It assumes that the things that we bring in to our lives are already "out there."  But our vibratory (energy) field is not only attractive, it is "creative."

"But wait, are you implying that you can literally make something out of 'thin air' through the power of your thoughts," you ask?

Not exactly "out of thin air," as in instantaneous or spontaneous creation right before your eyes, but I am saying that whatever we can imagine, whether it's already "out there" or not CAN be brought into our lives.  You can't attract what's not already there, but you can create it.  And I'm telling you that anything that doesn't interfere with the laws of the universe, or the laws held within the energy that makes up the universe itself, can be created through the power of your thoughts.

We are intimately connected to nature, so much so that we have the power to re-shape it.  That power lies in our thoughts.  Because the whole universe is comprised of energy, and that energy's form is determined solely by its frequency of vibration, the vibration of our thoughts, should they be disciplined and focused enough, can and will create new objects and conditions out of that energy.  It probably won't be instantaneous, but the means will become clear if discipline is held in the thoughts and so the right things will happen to ensure that the creation comes to be.

Think of it this way, the universe is basically one gigantic energy field in which energy came into various forms, some lifeless (ie objects) and some full of life (ie conscious).  The lifeless energy has no control over its conditions because it lacks the ability to think, but all life forms, which themselves are just energy, possess the creative power of thought and so they can re-arrange the energy around them through the strategic use of vibration to create new conditions by focusing that surrounding energy to make the desired objects appear in their life.

In other words, the imaginative nature of human thought makes possible the creation of objects and, therefore, conditions that would otherwise be impossible to be achieved.  Consciousness is a power that can mold the energy that makes up the universe to form new creations.  Thought doesn't change the energy.  All the potential is already in the energy itself, as determined by the universal laws that were imposed on it from its "initial creation" before the "Big Bang,"  but its vibration and, therefore, its form can be changed with the correct usage of the power of thought.

For instance, airplanes aren't made by nature.  No matter how long you allowed the universe to expand and energy to gather into more galaxies and planets and plants and insects and animals, it would never form an airplane out of its own nature.  It took humans to make that happen.  While it might be true that there are other advanced lifeforms out there that could, or do, also make airplanes, the fact still remains that life was the only possible creative force behind its existence

The airplane may not have literally been created "out of thin air." Rather, it's the result of human thought that evolved from working only from basic elements like dirt, stone and wood in our earliest years to forming all the complex steps to making the airplane like the creation of metal alloys from those basic elements and the understanding of motors and aerodynamics that finally made human flight possible.  Humans never changed the laws of the elements that they used to make the airplane, but they certainly created something out of those elements that would have never came to be should they have never focused their thoughts on such a concept.  The accumulative effect of human's imagination, the collective focus of their thoughts on such a possibility, made possible all the actions (steps) that would follow, that eventually led to its successful creation.  Technology is the sole effect of the collective creative power of human thought, and it's always improving as our creative capabilities continue to expand with an ever increasing history of knowledge and achievement to expand upon and a continually evolving  brain to do it with.

"So how can this knowledge help me," you ask?

Well, it's about time.  This is the ultimate of knowledge to possess for taking control over your life, and perhaps the one bit of knowledge that "the man" doesn't want you to know for he needs you to lack control in order to control you.  Which is probably why you were never taught of the creative power of your thoughts to begin with and, in fact, were bombarded with the opposite message throughout school and through television, advertisements, and music.  Understanding this knowledge and realizing how it can be applied is the key to becoming a cause for beneficial changes in your own life and perhaps even at the world scale, as opposed to being at the mercy of all those who have the knowledge, but dare not share it with you for fear of losing their control over you.

Here's the deal, I've given you the story of how it works and why it works, but that doesn't make it real for you.  In fact, the things that I'm telling you are so far and beyond anything that you were ever taught at school or told by "the man" that you're likely very skeptical towards every bit of content that I gave you.  That's okay.  In fact, it's perfectly normal and even healthy that you don't automatically accept new ideas, especially ones that greatly differ from your current belief system.

What you need to do to make this begin to work for you is to first give it a chance.  Only through experience can you discover truths.  And so, it is necessary for you to experience this working for yourself before you can develop any confidence in the method and eventually a new, more beneficial, and truth-based belief.

"But how do I do experience it for myself?"

That's a simple one to answer.  Remember, the power lies in the vibrational energy of your thoughts.  It's the resulting vibration of your thoughts that is your true creative force.  Therefore, it's your imagination that creates your reality.  Furthermore, you can only experience control over your life's conditions if you can control your imagination.  That can only come with thoughts that are focused on your goals in life, which can only be achieved through practice.

So, to experience this working for yourself, you must commit to focusing as much of your thoughts towards your goals as possible.  First you must have a clear picture in your mind of what your goals are and then you must imagine yourself reaching them.  Visualize yourself already achieving your goals and try to feel all the feelings that would accompany reaching them.  The key is to remain confident in your eventual success and to avoid doubts as much as possible.  In this way your dominant vibration will stay in line with what you want to create, and as long as you feel positive about the likelihood of success you will remain in the process of manifesting whatever that desired outcome is.

Again, it's not like a Rolex watch is going to fall out of the sky just because you visualized yourself wearing one and feeling good about it.  Rather, your life will arrange to allow a clear path to own that Rolex.  It may take additional steps for you like taking up on the new job offer, or buying that used Rolex that just happened to show up at your local pawn shop that's being sold at 50% of the MSRP, but the means will become available to you if you remain open to it - I guarantee it!

Love and peace to all,

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